Dunord Vitícola is a family project, which began as entertainment by Manuel Gutiérrez, who in the 90s made artisanal wines with his father Joan Gutiérrez Santos in Pollença. Later on, his father-in-law Antoni Cantallops joined him planted a little vineyard in Alcúdia, right in the Son Fe area.

Manuel Gutiérrez in 2001 became one of the founding partners of a winery in Mallorca.

A few years ago, the family’s grandson, Joan Gutiérrez Cantallops, who from a young age lived through all the experiences of his father and godparents, became interested in the entire sector, and decided to study Viticulture and Oenology in Sant Sadurní de Anoia.

Upon his return from Argentina, in September of the same year

When he finished his studies, Joan decided to study grape harvests; he went to Rioja to work at Bodegas Roda, then he worked at the Can Ribas winery (Mallorca), from there he went to Argentina to Achaval Ferrer, where he met Roberto Cipresso, a world-class winemaker. Joan went to R. Cipresso’s winery WineCircus in Moltalcino (Tuscany)

Later they began to working on together on the Santa Catarina project, with which they have been working – together since 2016.

In 2017 Joan G. had the opportunity to join a harvest with R. Cipresso in Ribera del Duero at Vinos de la Luz winery and he also completed a postgraduate degree at the University of Valladolid.

Joan Gutierrez is the youth, the nose and the face of the new Dunord Viticola brand, he is very thankful to his father, godfather, mother, partner and many friends who helped him with great enthusiasm from the very beginning of the project.

Minimal intervention

Antoni Cantallops Mascó, maternal grandfather; he is the one who has taught his grandson Joan the keys to agriculture, so that sustainable, integrated and environmentally friendly agriculture can be done.

All this would not have been possible without the help and unconditional support of the entire family, Magdalena Cantallops Cerdà, Isabel Cantallops Cerdà, Margalida Cerdà Payeras and Maria Àngels Cladera Bennasar, who from the very beginning helped in every way to make this project helped this project in every way not only emotionally, but also in pouring pouring, preparing, bottling, creating content, among others; to Joan Gutiérrez Santos and Maria Puig Seguí, who have been the ones educating us and trasmitting their passion to us their passion for agriculture, the land and the world of wine.

Dunord Vitícola is a family winery, which not only has the objective of producing wines of the highest possible quality, but also has the duty to take care of a landscape so that we can contribute our part on a social, economic, human and, of course, environmental level,

Whoever drinks you once, never forgets you again